Support Earned Paid Sick Days for Maine Families

No one should have to choose between their health and a paycheck

If you or a loved one gets sick, you should be able to stay home to get better...

But right now, one in three workers in Maine don’t have access to any paid sick time. When they or a loved one gets sick, they often face impossible choices: do they lose the pay they need to meet basic needs, or go to work sick?

Mainers shouldn’t have to choose between their health and a paycheck. This year the Maine legislature could pass a bill, LD 369, that would guarantee that Maine workers can earn one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked for their employer.

Take action today and tell your legislators to support earned paid sick days for Maine families.

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Why should Mainers have access to earned paid sick days?

Good for Maine families

More than two thirds of children under the age of six in the United States live in a household where both parents are working, often getting by paycheck to paycheck. When their child gets sick, parents are faced with often impossible choices of losing a paycheck to cover basic necessities or sending their child to school sick. Allowing Mainers to earn paid sick time gives families the freedom to stay home to take care of themselves or their family when they’re sick without the fear of losing their job.

Good for small businesses

Letting workers earn paid sick days means less turnover, and ensures employees have a chance to fully recover when they get sick, keeping them more productive at work and preventing the spread of illnesses to other workers and customers or clients. That’s why over 100 Maine small business owners have already signed on in support of LD 369. They know that in order for small businesses to thrive, our communities need to thrive.

Good for our public health

Providing paid time off when someone gets sick means they’re less likely to come to work sick or send a sick child to school. It would encourage Mainers to see a doctor when they need to instead of putting off care until they need to make a costly emergency room visit. Without access to paid sick days, people who handle food, provide childcare or care for the elderly are posing serious risks of spreading illness to others.

What Maine small business owners are saying about earned paid sick days

Michael Landgarten

Michael Landgarten

“Well cared for employees make any business better. Working sick makes others – guests and fellow staff – sick. It would be a huge step to creating a more stable and happy hospitality industry workforce if earned paid sick time was the law.”

McGinley Jones & Gale White

McGinley Jones & Gale White

“We do not believe that anyone should  have to face the impossible choice between missing a crucial day’s pay–or even losing their job–and coming to work sick.”

John Grenier

John Grenier

“Businesses like mine are like small families. The relationship that owners and employees have is a two-way street. Any time I can give a benefit to my employees, I always get back increased productivity, more loyalty and better customer interactions.”

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